Introducing Koop

Collectively purchase, invest, and build alongside frens.

We want things because other people want them. Friends, whales, and influencers are a social signal to follow. Our motivations are seemingly individualistic, yet inherently collective. When we build and create not only for each other, but with each other, the seemingly limited opportunity set widens. We are tied to our social nexus, rather than to objects or money. As the adin goes: To go further, go together. Koop allows individuals with very little capital to become part of the nexus, one in which we can turn around and share the surplus of our knowledge and experiences with others. The exchange of thoughts, memes, and capital then fuels each microeconomy. Koop enables a niche at scale.

Meet Koop, a collective purchasing platform where you can ape* into projects with friends.

Through Koop, it will be easy to buy and own assets alongside your friends. Coordinated ownership makes purchasing social, accessible, and highly functional. Users who would have been previously priced out of certain NFTs and projects are now able to own them as a collective. Alongside this, Koop allows for users to generate a social reputation, as an investor, contributor, and collaborator. Pooled funds result in reputation-staked decision making.

How it works

Chrome extension

Start by surfing OpenSea to discover NFTs. Users can the start a koop on their NFT of choice with our extension. A user then chooses the resale price at the time of koop creation.

Public koop

To join the platform, users first connect to their wallet. Users can invest in any asset listed on the marketplace. Once a bid price is met, the koop is formed. Using the chat feature, the koop decides when to resell, at what price, which marketplace, alongside any related other proposals. After a resale occurs, revenue from the sale is proportionally distributed to all koop members based on their fractional stake.

Private koop

Koop’s can also be created amongst a private group of friends. Whitelist specific wallet addresses, granting them access to your koop.

Why Now

Koop offers ownership in pools alongside social experiences for friends. Three major paradigm shifts have enabled niches to scale:

Cheap, accessible, and early buy-in to NFTs is achieved through fractionalization and coordination. Each koop created is a mini-DAO. Because Web3 is as much of a technological movement as it is a social one, we will see capital being pushed to smaller groups at the edges of work and play.

Protocol Decentralization

Koop plans to progressively decentralize the protocol to ensure long-term resilience & upgradability. We envision expanding into various collective purchasing services with development led by both the core team and the community.

Get involved

We are incredibly excited to continue along this journey, and we are actively looking for members to help create the Koop community. There is so much to build.

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